Eco By Brittania is a British company which belongs to the Eco Light Led Group. We are focused on providing Intelligent LED Lighting Solutions to car parks, supermarkets, retails, warehouses within the UK market. Eco By Brittania has developed an Intelligent Lighting System integrating LED lighting with wireless network and software in one product that reduces customer energy use by up to 90%.

We are a creative and ambitious team, who are passionate about LED technology. Our knowledge and experience guarantees our clients quality products and solutions, which will greatly lower energy costs and CO2 emissions. Thanks to our state of the art production facilities and highly qualified colleagues, we are capable of creating the most complex of projects to match our Clients needs. Our team of experts and professional colleagues help keep a high standard working environment, and are the backbone of our rapidly growing company.




Daylight Sensor

Daylight sensors detect the amount of natural light within car parks. Luminaries automatically dim depending on the amount of natural light within the car park automatically reducing energy consumtion.

Control (Eco By Brittania Software)

Eco By Brittania Intelligent Management System allows total control of your lighting installation. We can program luminaries one by one or by group. We can program different light levels, timings, and track energy usage within the network ,  this will provid businesss with accurate and timely reports related to energy consumption.

Wireless Communication

Each luminary device is installed with wireless communication technology, this allows full communication and control within any of our lighting installtions. There are huge advantages when opting for a wireless network.

  • Cost reduction at installation stage
  • Reduction in technical faults & future maintenace programs
  • Increased system functionality - Management control
  • Grouping of luminaries indepenently of their situation  
  • Greater reduction in energy and CO2 edmissions


Inteliget Lighting System:

Our high specification product is fitted with an inteligent module including wireless contreol, occupancy sensors and day light sensor allowing clients a dramaticlly reduce of lighting related energy use.

ROI (return Of Investment):

Due to the performance, durability, decresing ongiong maintenance and energy consumption, customers are able a rapid return of investment, ROI.

Eco By Brittania have designed and developed their own IL liminaries getting a lifespan of 10 years, 100.000 operating hours.





ILS Line System