Build To Suite Lighting Solutions


10 Years Industry Experience

With over 10 years of industrial LED experience, we are proud to say that LED Technology is our passion. Throughout this period of time, we have been gaining knowledge and industry experience which is passed down to our clients on each project we complete. Our range of complex lighting solutions both internal and external have state of the art energy savings built in whilst not compromising on our modern product design.

At each stage of a project we incorporate our business strategy “Build To Suite”, Individual Lighting designs, luminaire Performance all dedicated for individual requirements. Our creativity during project design through to implementation is not limited by any means, “Trust Us” you will see the difference.

Eco Light Led Company Values

Over the 10 years of trading, Eco Light Led has always focused on reducing energy consumption and the impact on the natural environment to which we operate in when bring products to market. By reducing our customers carbon foot print, we also aim to promote ecological lifestyles amongst co-workers and partners alike.

Full Service
Full project lighting design developed on customer requirements, environment, savings & applicable lighting standards for any given facility.
Dedicated electrical engineers provided for full site installation and commissioning of new investments.
The lighting is mounted by an experienced group of technical department employees.
Intensity Measurements
After the lighting installation has been completed, a full lighting audit is undertaken to ensure all lighting values are consistent and in-line with the perimeters of the project.


  • Architects
  • Contractors
  • Investors
  • Partners

Designing new office concepts is near impossible without a lighting concept, It is here that our dedicated lighting design specialists supported by the latest lighting software and industry knowledge, will work hand in hand with investors & architects to turn expectations in to reality. Our aim is to support and design complex lighting scenarios in the form of ready lighting solutions.

We elaborate lighting concept taking into account investor’s requirements and meeting all norms.
We offer our knowledge and experience on each level of project development.
Visualization showing the actual distribution of the products used.
We select suitable solutions for a given investment, e.g. intelligent light management systems.

A key element to any investment is the installation of a lighting solution. Any third-party contractors “Partners” will be provided with full product and technical support for any installation. Our cooperation in effect minimises implementation time, whilst maintaining our quality standards when providing services and product.

Clarifying contractors’ needs and setting the scope of works.
Fixed project visualization is presented with regards to setting of applied products and their specification
Build to suite
Personalization of chosen luminaires, namely the choice of individual technical parameters.
Reports from implemented examinations of illuminance, confirming compliance of the parameters with project assumptions.

Eco Light LED business foundation is to provide complex investment lighting services & solutions. We realise that not every investor will have sound knowledge of the latest technologies and finding optimal solutions to best suit their investment. Our team of dedicated and professional colleagues range from Designers, merchandisers, technical supervisors and Technical installation teams will be there to support you through every stage of the process, to ensure the most sophisticated of projects are installed and operational with ease.

Detailing investor’s needs, setting the budget and scope of works
We prepare the project together with visualization presenting real setting of applied products in virtual space.
Build to suite
Personalization of chosen luminaires, namely the choice of individual technical parameters, type of housing either the optics.
With our investor’s wish we offer our lighting systems assembling services.

Having over 10 years of product and services knowledge, we are keen to share this with New commercial Partners and Resellers. Partners & Resellers will benefit from full technical support, full lighting design concepts, full product availability and competitive pricing models.

Tool Listing for Commercial Partners & Resellers:

Marketing Materials
Datasheets, Catalogues, Installation Instructions
Training packages and promotional materials
Preparation of lighting projects
Energy Audits
Pre / Post installation Energy Audit Surveys

What’s on Offer?

“Build to Suit Products”
Custom Design, Profile type, size and Colour. Our creativity in lighting designing is in no way limited.
We only source components of the highest quality, ensuring product integrity and performance is maintained at all times.
General Contracting
Project creation, production and assembly of lighting product, Delivery Services & Installation Services .
Quality & Services
Eco Light Led quality & environmental management systems are archived by embedding IOS 9001 & 14001 in to all working practices.

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